We specialize in assisting foreign entities in setting up operations in the USA. As members of Premier International, we have close alliances with leading CPA firms in all major centers and provide international tax planning to harmonize the various taxing jurisdictions and minimize tax costs.

Electronic information and communications have revolutionized global business. Small and mid-market businesses can now take advantage of these international opportunities with relative ease. 

The following is a checklist that identifies the most important steps to take to ensure the process goes smoothly. Click the links below for more detailed information. For each item listed, we either assist directly or refer clients to trusted professionals with whom we have strong working relationships.



Determine your business entity. Most non-U.S. businesses choose to incorporate in the U.S. within the state of Delaware.

See our Guide to U.S. Federal Corporate Income Tax for more information.
  2. Create a Business Plan.


Apply for a Federal EIN number. New businesses that hire employees must obtain an EIN.  


Establish a bank account and provide seed capital. A separate business checking account needs to be established. Do not commingle business and personal funds in a single checking account. Establishing a checking account in the U.S. is not that simple. Foreign individuals and corporations need to satisfy various bank requirements to open an account. Gerber & Co has relationships with several banks that go back 3 decades.
5. Determine bank and/or equity financing needs.

Register your company in the local jurisdiction and apply for needed local business licenses.

Appoint a registered agent. Businesses must maintain an address where legal documents can be received.

Protect your company's name.

Develop a business identity. Create a web site. Get a web domain name.  Order business cards, letterhead and promotional materials for your business.  A professionally created logo can help make your business look established.

Establish your location. Identify the geographic area you wish to operate in.  Investigate your office and/or industrial space requirements.

Determine your labor needs and prepare for payroll compliance. Payroll taxes and tax withholdings must be reported and remitted to the appropriate governmental jurisdictions in a timely manner. Determine how you will handle your payroll compliance, either in house or through a third party provider.

Establish your accounting procedures.

Obtain business insurance. There are many types of insurance for businesses but they are usually packaged as "General Business Insurance" or a "Business Owner's Policy." This can cover everything from product liability, company vehicles, general liability to fire protection.

Obtain a corporate credit card and register to accept credit cards as payment for goods / services provided.

Virtual office services: We provide office space, use of our conference facilities, a mailing address and bookkeeping services for clients around the world.

Immigration for key executives: We work with the major law firms specializing in dealing with U.S.A. immigration / lawful residency matters.

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